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FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring is a full-service concrete cutting and core drilling contractor with more than twenty years of field experience. We have the equipment and staff to do virtually any concrete cutting project with minimal disruption and downtime to business and transportation services.As a Licensed Contractor with the Arizona Registrar of contractors, you can be assured that when you hire FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring you
know you are getting:

The right technique for the project
Cost-effective sawing and drilling
The best contractor for the job
A solid foundation of experience.

FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for its employees through the implementation of a comprehensive safety program. This program includes a rigorous background check and multiple interviews for all potential employees. At the time of hire, all employees are fit and drug tested and they are retested on an annual basis through random screenings. It is company policy to provide top quality service to our clients while doing what is necessary to prevent injury to everyone on site including all employees, operators, customers and the public. FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring takes all precautions to prevent damage to property within the influence of the job site.All of our safety programs will be accompanied with an Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) that is consistently better than the industry standard. FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring will also provide you with a comprehensive safety plan that will meet your on-site requirements. FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring operators are trained on the most modern technology and equipment available. Each operator receives both field and classroom instruction through our intensive in-house training program.FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring recognizes the need for and value of our monthly safety meetings to review and evaluate potential hazards both with equipment and job-sites. We also offer safety incentives to our employees and operators to encourage compliance with safety regulations.

As a leading demolition company, FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring is known for making the impossible possible. In order to extend our leadership in controlled demolition services, we, FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring, pledge to:

Anticipate each client's needs and meet them with exceptional service
Develop innovative, practical solutions to difficult demolition problems
Drive the vanguard of controlled demolition solutions by tackling demanding projects that intimidate other firms
Perform in a consistently safe, efficient, professional manner
Build long-term client relationships based on trust, performance and value

As the underlying ethos of FDS Concrete Cutting and Coring, this mission is the guiding force behind each client engagement, and it is the reason for our continual strength and reputation for excellence in concrete cutting and breaking.

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